Cuba: Traveling on the Edge

Amazing I have to go to cuba!

A New Day: Living Life Almost Gracefully


Last Spring I called my daughter who loves to travel and said, I wanted to go to Cuba – she agreed. It was decided.  JB wasn’t too excited until I got online and told him there are tour companies that have trips to Cuba. He prefers traveling on a tour where someone else makes arrangements for where we will sleep and how we will get from here to there. He has no desire to drive in a foreign country, except in Canada. They are our Michigan neighbors, his father immigrated from there, many of our Florida friends are Canucks, so Canada isn’t a foreign country).


I wanted to learn about Cuban culture and history because the islands are not very far away from our southern Florida home and I remember hearing news about the Cuban Revolution and the US/Cuban Bay of Pigs crisis so many, many years ago. JB was…

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2 thoughts on “Cuba: Traveling on the Edge

  1. Jim

    I watched a Rick Steves special on him traveling to Cuba. it was fascinating to watch but you have to learn how their money works above all else.they have currency for Cubans and currency tourists use. it was interesting to learn that.

    The cars there would be awesome to see!

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